Full Guide to watch NFR with or without cable

The 35th edition of the wrangler NFR championship is billed to commence in less than two weeks. All roads are set to lead cowboys and Rodeo enthusiasts to Las Vegas. The fun therein is always enormous. The Rodeo game has virtually become the Lifestyle of the western man, and they usually congregate to watch the best gamers in a 10-days of intriguing rodeo action.

I’m sure you wouldn’t love to miss the fun time and the bundles of entertainment. The Thomas and Mack event centre in Las Vegas will become a sea of cowboy hats. The casinos, the bars, and the adrenaline-pumping horse races. These and more will combine to offer you the fun that will become a part of your history.

You have to choose the best place or the best platform to watch the games. Are you attending the event or you are planning to watch the event from home?

If you are watching the event from home, then you should choose your channel by considering whether you have a cable connection or not. In this post, we shall highlight on how to watch the NFR games with or without cable.

Watching the NFR with Cable

Fans that have cable connection can watch the NFR games via CBS sports network, the official broadcasting service for the Wrangler NFR, 2019.

The CBS network is available for fans within the US. They can watch live games, interviews, and other rodeo-related activities without hitches from 5th December to 14 th December 2019 at 10 pm/7 pm EST. If you have the cable connection, then the CBS network is the best option.

Watching the NFR without cable

Are you a rodeo fan and you don’t have the cable connection? Don’t be perturbed. All hope is not lost. You can still watch your favorite Cowboy stars without a cable connection. If you are in the US, you can catch a glimpse of the NFR games by subscribing to one of the following platforms. They all support the CBS sports network, and you won’t break a sweat to have it.

DirecTV Now: Rodeo enthusiasts who have access to the DirecTV platform can easily watch the games on the go by tuning to channel 221.

Sling TV: Sling is cheap and easily accessible. You can watch the games at the same time as the CBS sports network by tuning to channel 158.

  • YouTube TV
  • Hulu Live TV
  • PlayStation Vue

You can experience uninterrupted Rodeo action and NFR Live stream from the aforementioned online channels. They are very relaxed and cheap.

Fans outside the US can join the trend by signing up on a VPN network.

Wrapping up The NFR games are set to go down in a few days. Top Rodeo fans can watch the games with or without cable networks. The CBS sports network remains the official broadcasting service for the NFR games, but it can only be viewed over the cable networks. Without the cable network, Rodeo fans can hook on to watch the NFR games by subscribing or signing up online streaming platforms and channels.

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