How can I get into Formula 1?

Formula one is a very popular and exciting sport with millions of fans worldwide watching from the various TV channel broadcasters while others prefer the Formula 1 live stream via various platforms. F1 is a thrilling sport to watch, but how much more exciting can it be if you are the one participating in it? Getting into Formula 1 may seem impossible to many, but for those who have always been dreaming of getting into F1, it is possible.

How can I get into Formula 1

Before you start in F1, you will need to think carefully as this is not only an expensive sport but also time-consuming. Becoming an F1 racer requires commitment and talent to be successful. Before you become a professional driver, it will take several years of experience, and a great financial investment must be made. Below are some of the steps you will need to follow before you get into Formula 1.

  • Learning to drive

You will need to take classes at a racing school to learn the basics of racing. Before you get into a racing school, you will need to have a standard driver’s license, have the capacity to drive a car with a manual transmission. You will then need to enroll in a racing program to hone your racing skills. You will then get a racing license, which will enable you to enter into an amateur race series.

  • Climb the ranks

You will need to try kart racing to enable you to climb the ranks and get into F1. After getting your kart license, you will need to buy or rent some rents for the various levels of racing. You will then enter various races and ensure that you perform best and always look forward to moving to the next level.

  • Getting your F1 license

You will have to complete two years in single-seater racing junior events, and you will need to accumulate 40+ race points based on performance and 300 driving kilometers in F1 car within 48hours during in-season, pre-season or post-season to get an F1 License. If you perform well as an amateur, you might get an offer from an owner to drive for their team, and this will be the beginning of your F1 journey.

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