Massive impact of Rugby World Cup 2019 in Asia

Since the Rugby World Cup was announced to be in Japan, many Asians have begun to become fans of the sport. Asian Rugby has driven record-breaking years since the announcement. There is a massive impact in Asia as far as rugby goes. When watching the Rugby World Cup online stream this year, you’ll see what this has done for Asia in general.

In fact, because the Rugby World Cup is in Japan this year, there are many different ways this has impacted the Asian countries. First, Asia has grown in fans of Rugby and there are many more citizens who want to play, have started playing, and are getting their children into the sport as well.

The Asian fan base has definitely increased tremendously. 800 million or more youth have grown to be the fan base in China and in India alone. More than 2.2 million children have participated in the Get into Rugby leagues in 2018. The number was 42% of the children who represented Asia alone. This is a 33% increase since 2017.

Get into Rugby is a program that lets kids learn how to play Rugby and stay in the sport. Boys and girls have started playing by the millions. 40% are females who take part. Five of the top six nations are Asia. From Asia the biggest nations representing are India, Japan, UAE, Pakistan, and China.

This is a very exciting time for the world of Rugby. The fan engagement is very high. Nielsen data received has shown that there are more Rugby fans in Asia than any other continent. There are 112 million fans in Asia. The Rugby World Cup has brought many fans to Asia and tourism is at an all-time high because of the Rugby World Cup. It is bringing more and more fans to the great sport of Rugby and this is a great thing for the sport and all who play it.

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