Masters Tournament live streaming online

Spring is here, which means, the first major golf tournament, the Masters, will be in Augusta, Georgia soon. For those who do not get the pleasure to go and see the tournament live, we have options as well. You will get to the best view in town, from your sofa. Watching the Masters live broadcast will be easy and comfortable too.

Let’s start with a VPN to stream the Masters live. A VPN is especially good for those who live outside the United States and want to watch the Masters. A Virtual Private Network can aide your abilities to watch the Masters from anywhere in the world. All you need to do is fix your IP address and make sure it says you’re from the United States. Presto, you’re watching the Masters live.

The VPN that we suggest first, is Express VPN. This is the best VPN because it’s the safest and your personal information is always protected. It keeps your network data encrypted as well. You can even use a VPN on your devices as well. There are no restrictions on Express VPN at all. You can watch anything from anywhere. There is a 30-day risk free trial too.

Another VPN option is called Nord VPN, which runs a close second with Express VPN. It is a great VPN for general users and is supported on Android,  Chrome, Firefox, iOS, Linux, macOS, and Windows.  You can watch it from Anywhere in the world almost, and there are no commercials or annoying advertisements.

When deciding on where to watch the Masters live this year, try using a VPN if you have not already. They will give you the most private access to the Masters online, your information is safe, and your feed is very fast too. There are no ads or annoying spam messages while you watch.

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