Minnesota Vikings: NFL Game Preview and Predictions

Are you looking forth for this coming NFL tournament? What is your favorite team? I guess it is Minnesota Vikings. If so, what are your hopes in this team? Will they make it and make you proud to be their supporter?

Here we analyze as well as look into its future in this coming tournament. For the Minnesota Vikings fans, the past couple of seasons have been successful if I am not wrong. For sure, the door of reality and expectations was good in both directions for the last two seasons.

But this is another season, and each team in the tournament will try to level their expectations. So, it is to any fan. Everybody hopes the best for his or her team.

We as Minnesota Vikings fans saw the signing of kirk cousins come with a huge impact. The signing made the team appear like a strong team that can make super ran. For sure, the defensive opponents found it a problem to obscure cousins.

Even though they struggled in the past season, the expectation for this coming season is elevated. It will not be a surprise if they come out with the NFC North title. They know they are going to have a tough season, but it is their right moment before the occurrence of that rebuild they are thinking about.

What are the odds?

They have some odds. With the fact that they won seven games last year, the fans are holding into that, this year the games won will be higher. Though they face a challenge from the bears that have a total of nine won games and right behind the packers in the last season. for us, we rate the winning possibility at 9.5.

Last note

We all wish the best for our team. Just be free to watch Minnesota Vikings NFL game live.

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