Terence Crawford next fight.

Do you follow Terence Crawford? Do you know his next fight?  Don’t worry if you don’t know. You are not alone as many people are browsing the internet in an attempt may be to get something related. In this post, you are going to learn everything.

Terence Crawford next fight

The next fight

Terence Crawford who is the current holder of WBO championship will have his next fight on 20th of April. Though he is a well-established boxer known by many fans, this round he will face colossal battle. Do you know who will be his opponent? He will fight with Amir Khan who has been out for some time. However, he has returned with momentum as seen in his back to back wins.

Khan is the challenger in this fight. He wants to challenge WBO, and if Terence is to retain the title, he must win the fight.

Many fans are counting down for this much-awaited fight.

The venue

The confirmed place of the event is the Madison Square Garden.  Though there have speculations that other groups such as the MGM Grand Garden Arena also wanted to host this event, but it was given to Madison square garden.

 Prize value

This is a money event, and it is now clear Khan will walk home with at least $5 million. For Terence, it remains unclear for how much he will pocket. Moreover, what we are clear of is that they will also have some share the sale of pay per view tickets.

Last note

Even if it wouldn’t have happened, there could have still a possibility to occur in the future. The closest and anticipated battle for Crawford was to defend his title against Collazo, but now he will have to do against Khan. If you want to watch Crawford vs. Khan Fight live, buy your tickets from ESPN for pay per view or from Ticketmaster.

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