Top 10: Indianapolis 500 Wrecks

Here, we are going to look at the top 10 wrecks at the Indy 500, where no drivers were killed.

Top 10: Indianapolis 500 Wrecks

1.1973, Salt Walther

Walther went into the catch fence, and there was a fuel leak, but he survived the ordeal.

2. 1981, Danny Ongais

Ongais lost control after turn three, and his car nearly hit the wall after the speedy correction. He stopped in the short north chute and continued the race.

3. 1984, Patrick Bedard

Bedard was a former journalist who turned out to be a race driver. He slammed into the inside wall after coming off from turn three and suffered a cracked jaw.

4. 1989, Kevin Cogan

Cogan lost control after the fourth turn and hit the inside wall before coming to a halt. He was able to walk himself to the ambulance.

5. 1992, Jeff Andretti

Andretti lost the right rear wheel and slammed into the wall, and survived with numerous injuries to his feet and a concussion.

6. 1995, Stan Fox

Fox lost control after the first turn, and the car hit the wall and bounced back, collecting about five other cars. He never raced again due to the injuries sustained.

7. 1996, Bill Foster

Foster hit the outside of the wall creating a crash that eliminated many contenders.

8. 1996, Robert Guerrero

Guerrero crashed with Eliseo Salazar and Alessandro Zampedri car’s, and all drivers came out of the accident with no fatalities.

9. 2010, Mike Conway

Conway collided with the rear tires of Ryan Hunter, forcing his car to fly over the turn three to the catch fence. He suffered compression fractures on his lower back and neck and never raced on ovals again.

10. 2017, Scott Dixon

Dixon hit the back of Jay Howard’s car, and his car went airborne and wrecked into pieces. Both drivers walked off the latest shocking accident at Indy 500 with minor injuries.


Indianapolis 500 live race is the world’s biggest speedways since 1911. It’s a show where you have the chance to watch cars that turn incredibly with dangerous space.

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